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Home maintenance reduces likelihood of premises liability claims

It's the time of year to get busy winterizing your property. Below are some tips on maintaining your property in the winter that can save you money on hefty repair bills or allow you to dodge a premises liability claim from someone who gets harmed while on your property.

Is my landlord responsible for my injuries from safety hazards?

If you are a Louisville resident who rents your home or apartment from a landlord, you may have your share of horror stories about neglected premises that pose real safety hazards and potential financial liabilities. Building management companies, property owners and landlords have a duty to keep the property free of safety hazards that can harm residents or their visitors.

A simple carnival ride could cost you your life

There's nothing like a state or county fair — the music, the carnival food (is that funnel cake I smell?), the midway games and the rides. While the food might be iffy, it's likely not going to leave you with more than a day or so of intestinal discomfort. It's the rides that might wind up killing you.

Slip and fall accidents and nursing homes

There are lot of things that can go wrong in medical facilities, including nursing homes. The residents are often elderly, unstable on their feet and prone to slipping and falling. A qualified nursing home, therefore, would take many precautions with residents to prevent the chances and risks of someone slipping and suffering serious injuries.

Fall-related injuries are unusually common in Kentucky

Whether you realize it or not, there are seemingly hundreds of ways to hurt yourself on a daily basis. While advances in safety and awareness have reduced the likelihood of injuries in all walks of life, not even the most cautious of planners can prevent all accidents. When thinking about how to reduce accidents in our state, Kentuckians should focus on fall-related injuries.

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