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Can I protect my settlement money from my insurance company?

After a civil suit is settled, it may appear as if everyone and their brother has a hand out for your money. But while denying requests for handouts may become routine, there is one claim that may be quite unexpected — your health care provider.

Would you recognize a staged car accident?

You're a law-abiding citizen who plays by the rules. Wouldn't it be a nicer world if everybody else did too? But you are sharing your world with many scofflaws who will stoop quite low in order to collect on ill-gotten gains, like those derived from fraudulent insurance scams.

November 10, 2017 - Blog Post

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    • Sometimes it is not only insurance companies that are not on your side. After Jeanette's husband died, she was denied half of his life insurance proceeds due to mistakes made by her husband's employer. Click the link below to read about how we were about to help Jeanette.

Do you need to file suit over an insurance claim?

The recent devastating hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria cut a wide swath of destruction in the United States and the Caribbean Islands. As we head into the final months of the 2017 hurricane season, it's a good idea for consumers everywhere to review their homeowner's insurance policy to see if they need to increase coverage or add riders.

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