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Consider alternatives to neighborhood trick-or-treating

If you're looking for a less scary Halloween alternative for your youngsters, consider taking them to the zoo. Louisville Zoo bills its Halloween celebration as the World's Largest Halloween Party. It's perfect for those with children under 12 who don't want the kids to get scared or hurt while they celebrate the holiday.

How is pain and suffering calculated in personal injury cases?

Car accident injuries can run the gamut from minor bumps and bruises to permanent and life-threatening disabilities. Should the injured victim decide to sue the liable party for the damages they caused, one thing that must be quantified in these cases is the victim's pain and suffering.

What are the top 3 reasons for car accidents?

Car accidents sometimes feel random and chaotic, but the reality is that they all happen for a reason. Most of the time, these reasons are very easy to avoid and they just come back to driver error. Even when they have years of experience, people just are not safe drivers, and thousands of lives are lost every year as a result.

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