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Watch out for school buses on your motorcycle rides

If you are like many motorcyclists, you want to get in as many rides as possible as the summer days dwindle down. While the temperatures are still high in most areas of the country, school bells will soon be ringing for students and the buses will be out in force ferrying students to and from school each day.

Get your motorcycle ready for spring before riding

Now that spring is finally here in Louisville, many motorcycle enthusiasts in the area will be out on the roads in force for the first rides of the season. That means that drivers have to be especially vigilant to avoid getting into a collision with motorcyclists.

Making yourself visible on a motorcycle in Kentucky

Riding a motorcycle is second nature to some people. For others, they need a refresher each spring season before heading out on a ride for the first time after a long winter. It doesn't matter how experienced you are, you should always make yourself visible when riding your motorcycle. Being visible to every motorist is important. It can save your life and prevent a nasty accident.

Are you a new motorcycle rider? Learn how to ride safely

Late summer and early autumn in Kentucky are prime times for riding motorcycles. But if you are a new rider of the two-wheeled cycles, your inexperience can be deadly. As reported by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), motorcycle riders have 30 times as much risk of perishing in an accident than their counterparts in automobiles.

Kentucky Motorcyclists: Always at risk, always trying to be safe

Most people view motorcyclists with a "bad boy" image, but in reality, people from all walks of life fall in love with motorcycles. In the average Louisville motorcycle club, you'll find blue collar workers, white collar professionals, hair stylists, performers -- everything. However, what you will not find in the average motorcycle group is a bad driver.

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