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Agency to cede oversight of meat safety to slaughterhouses

When Louisville residents go to the grocery store and buy meat, they can depend on the product to be free of contaminants and disease. But that was not always the way, as chronicled in Upton Sinclair's The Jungle. While it was a work of fiction, the book described the disgusting filth and dangers present in America's meat-packing industry in the early years of the 20th century.

More tainted dog food recalled in the United States

Many pet owners treat their dogs just like another much-beloved member of the family. So, when something happens to their pet, it's a major crisis. This is especially true when the pet dies or is sickened from eating tainted dog food — a perfectly avoidable occurrence.

Parkinson's drug linked to hundreds of deaths

Imagine being really sick with Parkinson's disease and suffering from psychosis and hallucinations that haunt your every waking moment. The torment patients suffer leaves them and their concerned family members so desperate for relief that they are willing to try so-called "breakthrough therap[ies]" that are being fast-walked through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pharmaceutical review process.

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