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Ensure your teen arrives alive at the homecoming this year

Along with the bouquet and the boutonniere, this homecoming season, make sure that your teen has a little common sense tucked into their homecoming plans.

For most high school students, the homecoming game, dance and after-parties are a big deal and a coveted rite of passage on their march toward adulthood. It's a chance to wear some finery and step out with their friends and/or dates. But while these kids might look like adults in their fancy dresses and formal wear, they are still teenagers who often make unfortunate decisions.

Parents, you can help your teens to choose safer options this homecoming season. One of those options might be to hire a professional driver to chauffer the kids around that night. If that is a budget-breaker, a Lyft or Uber driver might be the next best choice.

If your teen plans to drive and you are okay with their decision, it's a good idea to do a trial run with them in the days ahead of the big night. After dark, have them drive the route they plan to take on homecoming night, from home to their date's house, then to the restaurant and the dance. That way, they won't be making their first attempt on homecoming night when they are likely to get distracted or be nervous.

Parents may want to extend their children's curfews on this special night. But it's a good idea to leave some parameters in place so that your teen doesn't have a lot of unstructured time they might use to drive aimlessly around town with a car full of kids. That's a recipe for disaster.

If things go wrong and your child is injured in an accident, as parents, you will need to take certain steps to preserve your teenager's right to seek compensation for their injuries, losses and damages. We can help you file a claim for damages after an accident with injury.

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