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Parents often worry about the safety of their kids while they ride the school bus to and from school every day. While school buses are designed as safe vehicles for transporting their precious cargo, kids die every year from accidents they suffered while riding the bus.

In fact, almost two-thirds of deaths from school bus accidents happen to the kids after or before they are on the buses. A third of those children who suffer fatal injuries are just 5-7 years old.

Children who don't even ride the buses themselves face danger. Child pedestrians are more likely to be killed in an accident during active bus hours than at any other time of the day.

Motorists who illegally pass school buses place schoolchildren at enormous risk. It's estimated that two-thirds of fatalities related to boarding and disembarking school buses are caused by drivers who pass when they shouldn't.

Parents can help keep their kids safer by teaching them school bus safety tips like those listed below:

  • Stay out of the 10-foot area on all sides of the bus where children may not be visible to drivers
  • Arrive at the bus stop in plenty of time to catch the bus so you are not running
  • Stay "three giant steps" back away from the street until the school bus stops and opens its doors
  • Don't walk behind the bus
  • Don't pick up dropped objects outside the bus without first alerting the driver

Despite all these cautions, your child still may wind up getting hurt. Let us help you file and manage your claim for damages so that your child receives the medical care and financial compensation to which they are entitled.

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