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Do you have a bad faith insurance issue related to a claim?

People carry insurance because there is a legal obligation to do so and because they want to limit their own financial liability if something bad happens. Whether you have recently had storm damage to your house that necessitated the claim against your homeowner's insurance policy or experienced a car crash, you trust your insurance company to provide you with financial help during this difficult time.

Unfortunately, not all insurance companies follow through on their obligations to the people who hold their policies. In fact, some insurance companies will do just about anything they can to avoid paying out claims, even if the claim is legitimate and should have coverage under the terms of someone's policy.

That practice of avoiding financial responsibility by denying legitimate claims is known as bad faith insurance, and you do have the right to take legal action against your insurance company if they deny a claim in bad faith.

Keep a record of every communication you have with the insurance company

After a bad faith claim denial, you may have to take legal action against the insurance company to connect with the compensation you deserve because of the policy you purchased and paid for. If you communicate with the company in letters or emails, retain your own copies of every communication you have with them.

If the company tries to communicate with you on the phone, it might be a good idea to record the conversation. To do so, you should inform the person on the line that you intend to record the call. Chances are very good that the insurance company will also record the conversation. That way, you can reference any explanation or excuses that they gave you as to why they would not cover your claim.

Review your policy documents to solidify your complaint

Sometimes, what consumers think is a bad faith claim denial is really just a mistake related to the type of coverage they carry. Consumers might believe they carry more insurance than they do at any given time, which could leave them vulnerable if they need the protection of a certain kind of policy or rider that they don't actually have.

Many times it doesn't take long to locate the policy language that makes you believe you should have coverage for your losses. Sometimes, countering a claim denial with a reference to the exact part of the policy that offers protection to you is enough to get the insurance company to change their minds.

If the insurance company still tries to deny you the coverage that you have paid for, taking them to court over a bad faith claims denial can be the most straightforward way to hold them accountable for underhanded business practices and failing to live up to their obligations to you.

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