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Can I file a claim after slipping in a store?

You worked late at the office and are just too tired to cook. Instead, you call your favorite pizza shop on the way home and place an order for a couple of pizzas to bring home for your family's dinner.

But as you enter the pizza parlor to pick up the large combo and the medium pepperoni that you ordered, you slip down in a puddle of spilled 7-Up right by the door.

You can hear the audible (and very painful) pop when your ACL tears loose. You won't be walking out of there — or anywhere else for a while — unassisted. In fact, you could be in for a lengthy recovery that likely will involve surgery and physical therapy. Your medical bills can be quite costly for this slip-and-fall incident.

That's the bad news. The good news is that it's very likely that you can hold the pizza parlor's owners liable for your mishap and subsequent injuries. That means that their insurance company and not your own will have to pick up the tab for your medical care and other damages liked time off from work.

We can help you file your claim for damages. If necessary, we will also file a personal injury lawsuit alleging that the pizza shop was negligent for not mopping up the spilled drink or at least posting a sign indicating the floor was wet. We can seek damages for your pain and suffering as well.

Insurance companies routinely deny claims filed by individuals hoping to quickly settle. Even when they do make an offer, you can bet it will be for much less than the claim is actually worth.

Don't let them low-ball your claim. Contact us to learn more about your right to compensation under Kentucky's premises liability laws.

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