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Watch out for school buses on your motorcycle rides

If you are like many motorcyclists, you want to get in as many rides as possible as the summer days dwindle down. While the temperatures are still high in most areas of the country, school bells will soon be ringing for students and the buses will be out in force ferrying students to and from school each day.

The increased traffic on the roads can make it harder to get a ride in during the week if bikers are so inclined and available.

It should also be noted that motorcyclists have the same responsibilities as motorists to stop for school buses loading or dropping off children at school or home. Passing a stopped school bus on your motorcycle can net you a court appearance and a very expensive ticket.

Motorcyclists should also be aware that school buses and large commercial trucks have significant blind spots in front, behind and on either side of their vehicles where motorcyclists may not be seen.

And while "loud pipes [might] save lives," do you really want to rely solely on your motorcycle's loud exhaust pipes to keep you safer on the roads? Most bikers prefer to employ multiple strategies to alert drivers to their presence, including:

  • Wearing clothing that is highly visible
  • Keeping the bike's headlight on at all times
  • Staying out of the no-go zones of large trucks and buses
  • Signaling their intent to merge, exit and change lanes

There are still many days where the weather will be perfect for riding your motorcycle in and around Louisville. We want to make sure that you ride safely and without incident. Should you get into a motorcycle accident with an at-fault driver, we can help you file a claim for damages to be compensated for your losses.

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