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Unsafe premises can generate claims

Have you ever walked in to a crowded, understaffed store where pallets of goods were stacked in the aisles on dollies? The clutter and crowded conditions can make it extremely difficult to navigate the narrow aisles, especially if you're a customer pushing a shopping cart.

As a result, some customers wind up getting injured after tripping and falling over pallets of canned goods or other products. Who is at fault if that happens?

In most cases, the liability falls on the store for creating conditions that pose hazards to customers, vendors and others on their property. Store owners and/or management either knew or should have known that not fully staffing the shift would lead to a backlog of unstocked goods that can present a safety hazard.

Some shifts can certainly be busier than others and lead to some tasks remaining undone. However, a pattern of disorderly aisles with mazes of pallets on dollies can be part of the larger problem of management cutting corners to enhance profits or pad their own paychecks.

If their actions create safety breaches that make for hazardous conditions in the store, they could be held liable for any of their customers' injuries and other damages. Stores and other properties have a duty to ensure that their premises are free of safety hazards and security lapses that could leave customers with injuries that range in severity from mild to very serious and even disabling.

The first step to rectifying the situation after an injury occurs inside a store, restaurant or other place of business is to file a claim for damages. We can help you initiate the claims process and file a lawsuit to preserve your right to seek compensation.

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