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Is it worthwhile to file suit against your insurance company?

You may wonder whether it would be lucrative and a good investment of your time to file suit against the recalcitrant insurance company that denied your personal injury claim. After all, you filed your claim in good faith after being injured by a negligent driver indemnified by the insurance company.

There is no doubt that many (if not most) insurance companies sell their claimants short whenever the opportunity presents itself. But if you arm yourself with knowledge and experienced legal counsel, you can hold those accountable for your injuries and other damages.

Why did your insurance company deny your claim?

You must first determine the reason why the insurer refused to pay off the claim. Perhaps it was a technical glitch on your part or the coverage had lapsed on the liable person and the vehicle.

You could also be denied due to the claim proscribing, which means that the time to file it expired.

You can appeal a denial

Perhaps you made a small error in your application for insurance coverage. It was not intentional, but you may have omitted vital information that the insurance company is now claiming disqualifies your claim.

That mistake, in and of itself, may not be enough to withstand the scrutiny of the appeals process.

Did you comply with notification regulations?

Insurance companies clearly state in their policies the time frames that claimants have to report claims and correct any errors. Your claim might be denied if you failed to report it or your report was delayed.

Bad faith denials leave claimants lacking

Anyone who believes that their insurance company's priorities reflect their best interests are not focused on reality. The insurance company might manipulate you and your need for resolution of the matter and cause you to accept far less than your personal injury claim is actually worth.

Insurance companies count on the startling number of claimants who either accept their denials without question or who cash checks that are worth substantially less than they might be awarded had the case gone before a judge or jury.

Assert your rights to fight for compensation

If you have been injured by an errant insured driver, you may be bewildered by the long and often complex claims process. Your Louisville personal injury attorney can provide advice and guidance going forward.

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