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Liability can be shared in multi-car accidents

Multi-vehicle accidents like interstate pile-ups can be quite challenging to sort out the liability. These type of accidents also generally cause numerous injuries and often involve fatalities.

Because of the difficulty involved in determining precursor events to the collisions, these events may require the services of special accident reconstruction experts to accurately assign blame.

Blame it on the weather?

While inclement weather conditions can definitely increase the risk of auto accidents, typically there is also an element of negligence at play. For instance, a blinding summer rainstorm can create conditions that make driving more dangerous. But that risk may be mitigated by slowing your speed and taking other defensive driving actions.

But some drivers may not heed that advice and press on regardless at top speed. Should an accident occur, they could be cited for liability for the wreck.

But others may share the blame

In that same scenario of risk liability, the driver of a car that is riding the bumper of the vehicle ahead could find themselves and their vehicle crushed like an accordion in a high-speed pile-up. They, too, could share some of the liability for the collision.

It's a complex risk assignment that is carried out in the wake of some of the most horrific accidents that occur.

How witness testimony can help

Accident reconstruction experts record witness statements as soon as is feasible while the memories are fresh in their minds. They interview drivers and pore over diagrams. They seek to find the initial catalyst for the accident and work from there to assign liability to the correct driver(s).

Get an attorney to prove your case

If you are injured in such a collision, it can be nearly impossible to determine each driver's alleged liability on your own. That's why many injured Louisville residents prefer to retain an experienced personal injury attorney with a strong background in pursuing settlements and judgments for their clients who were injured in automobile accidents.

This also allows your focus to retain on your healing and rehabilitation after the collision. Let your attorney handle the legal aspects of your case while you concentrate on feeling better.

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