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Seek justice after damages from defective products

In the United States, there are federal agencies tasked with making sure that the consumer goods, medicines and food products we bring into our homes are safe when used for their intended purposes.

That's in theory, anyway. In practice, far too many defective products, medical devices, medications and foods get manufactured and released on the marketplace. When that happens, people can become ill or injured after using the product or item.

For some, the defect may be so minor as to only be an inconvenience remedied by returning it to the store or manufacturer for a refund or replacement. That is definitely the best-case scenario.

But far worse often happens with product defects. Consider some of the cases in recent years where lives were lost due to malfunctioning Takata airbags and those who died from eating lettuce tainted with E. coli bacteria.

People don't even have to die to suffer a host of adverse consequences from ingesting a tainted food product or medicine or from using a product with design flaws or manufacturing. The injuries and worsened conditions they suffer can be disabling and sometimes the defective products even wind up causing permanent damage.

If you were injured or sickened by a tainted foodstuff or a defective product, your medical bills could be quite expensive. Your rehabilitation could also be costly and ongoing.

We are here to help Louisville residents get the compensation they deserve from the liable parties who caused or significantly contributed to their illness or injuries. This is not a time when you want to go it alone. Let us help you seek civil justice.

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