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Dealing with an insurance company who denies a claim

Consumers spend millions of dollars on insurance policies every year. These policies help protect everything from their financial liability for a car crash to the possessions in their homes. Insurance provides people with peace of mind and financial assurances, but it is also a great business for making money. The fewer claims that companies pay out, the more profitable they are.

Sadly, some insurance companies will put their desire for profit ahead of their obligations to their policyholders. That could mean that they deny claims that they know they should approve given the terms of their contract with the individual in question. Some companies will even deny all claims of a certain kind the first time in the hope of discouraging their policyholders.

If your insurance company has recently denied a claim that you believe should receive coverage per the terms of your policy, you may have a bad faith insurance issue to deal with.

You will probably need to go to court to prove bad faith

In some situations, simply letting someone know that you understand their actions are a violation of your rights can spur them into action. Sending a strongly worded letter can be all that it takes to remedy some contract issues. That will most likely not be the case with an insurance company who isn't paying a claim.

Instead, you can expect that the insurer will probably dig in their heels and do everything in their power to reduce their potential financial liabilities regarding your claim. That means that you need to have absolute certainty that your claim is valid. Working with an experienced insurance litigator can help you make informed decisions when dealing with a rejected insurance claim.

Your attorney can advise you regarding the standard procedures for court. They can also help you devise a legal strategy and collect evidence that helps back your claim. Finally, they will work to negotiate an advocate on your behalf, as they have the knowledge about the issue and the ability to stay calm when the situation becomes stressful.

You shouldn't let an insurer get away with a breach of contract

Some people might think about litigating with their insurance company and immediately decide it is too much work. However, that's what your insurance company wants to happen. You have paid faithfully for your coverage. You deserve to receive the protection and benefits that your policy promised you.

Don't let an insurance company get away with denying you benefits that you paid for. Sitting down to talk about your situation with an experienced Kentucky insurance litigation attorney can help you decide if going to court is the best way to connect with the compensation you need after a denied claim.

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