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Avoid accidents this Fourth of July

What are your plans for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday? Are you traveling to distant beaches or visiting out-of-state friends or relatives? Or maybe you plan to fire up the backyard grill and invite the neighbors over for some of your slow-cooked barbecued ribs that are a perennial Fourth of July favorite.

No matter what, chances are good that at some point, your plans will involve driving, even if it's only to the store and back for the secret ingredients for your feast. As you may know, major holidays always increase the traffic on the roads and interstates. That also raises the risk of accidents occurring as more people clog the highways, jockeying for position in their lanes on the way to their holiday destinations.

If you plan to get behind the wheel this Fourth of July, even if it's only to take the kids to watch fireworks, you need to be extra cautious. This is also a major drinking holiday, meaning that there will likely be more than the normal amount of impaired drivers on the road.

How can you keep you and your family safe and out of harm's way? For one, make sure that if you drive, you remain sober. Even having just one drink could mean the difference of getting cited for a DUI or being liable for an accident that injured or killed another person.

If you are road-tripping this holiday weekend, make sure that you or your mechanic check out your vehicle before you head out. Check your tire pressure, fluid levels, belts, points and plugs. You don't want a towing fee and a repair bill to mar an otherwise picture-perfect holiday.

If you wind up injured in an auto accident, you will need to take action to hold the at-fault driver(s) liable for your injuries and other damages.

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