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School bus accident sends 1 to hospital

With the school year finally winding down, parents won't be telling their kids to hurry up and finish breakfast so that they don't miss the school bus. For the next few months, the big yellow buses that are a staple on the roads nine months out of the year will be far scarcer.

For one school bus driver in Lexington, that might be a much-needed respite. The driver's school bus was struck on Wednesday, May 15, at approximately 6:30 a.m. at the intersection of New Circle Road and North Limestone.

According to police accident reports, a motorist was making a turn off New Circle Road when another driver with a green light struck the first vehicle. That impact pushed one of the cars into the stopped school bus.

Fortunately, the only child riding on the bus at the time was uninjured, as was the school bus driver. The driver of one of the cars involved in the accident went to the hospital for treatment of injuries suffered in the wreck. The other motorist was not injured.

Kentucky parents put their kids onto school buses daily during the school year and hope that they wil be safe in transit to and from school. For the most part, the design of school buses makes them a stable and safe mode of transportation for kids. However, that doesn't mean there cannot be tragic mishaps that can injure or kill kids riding the school buses.

If your child suffers injuries in a school bus accident, you may be able to recover financial damages from those liable for the collision. An experienced attorney can provide help and guidance.

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