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Bikers, give a wide berth to lawn clippings in the street

As Spring settles over Kentucky, it's time to once again return to the tasks of lawn maintenance. On any given weekend, you can hear the drone of lawn mowers floating out over each suburban neighborhood.

But residents may not realize that their lawn beautification efforts may inadvertently put motorcyclists in grave danger if they allow the grass clippings to be discharged onto the street.

Many people don't realize that leaving lawn clippings in the street is not only a violation of local laws but can cause motorcycle riders to lose control of their bikes.

The problem is that freshly cut lawn trimmings are quite slick — almost like a sheet of ice. According to some engineers, the coefficient of friction from these clippings is nearly as slippery as that of grease. You wouldn't want to be liable for the damages and injuries a rider suffered due to your negligence.

Lawn clippings are technically not litter, as they are biodegradable and nontoxic agricultural byproducts. Still, they wreak environmental chaos when they clog storm drains and contribute to flooding and drainage problems.

You could potentially be cited for an illicit discharge of material if your yard clippings go directly into creeks or other small tributaries. The clippings can lead to an excess amount of phosphorus and nitrogen being released, which in turn causes an uncontrolled spread of invasive aquatic weeds and algae blooms.

Even if your municipality doesn't ban clippings in the street, you would never want to be part of the reason for a motorcycle wreck.

If you were injured in a motorcycle wreck caused by grass clippings in the road, you may want to pursue a claim for damages from the negligent homeowner.

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