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Dangerous kids' toys from the past

Parents, have your kids' holiday toys already started breaking or otherwise falling apart? It often seems like nothing is built to last — or even withstand normal childhood usage.

But before you begin to wax nostalgic about the well-built toys of yesteryear, consider some of the dangerous toys that were foisted onto kids in past generations.


Remember lawn darts? The heavy metal darts that when launched into the air could easily impale a child right on their own front lawn. After 7,000 reported injuries, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) finally banned them in 1988.

2. Atomic Energy Lab

You have to wonder at the mindset of the company that placed real radioactive materials in its U-238 Atomic Energy Lab back in 1951. Wiser heads prevailed, and within the year, the kits were off the shelves.

3. Metal playgrounds

Playgrounds of yore consisted of metal equipment that got searingly hot under the relentless summer sun. Nothing said "fun" quite like a serious burn from a slide or falling off a six-foot high jungle gym onto the cement below.

4. Click-clacks

What could possibly go wrong by banging two acrylic balls connected by a cord together as hard and fast as possible? Turns out the flying shrapnel from the busted clackers caused more than a few eye and facial injuries before being pulled off the market in 1985.

While this post pokes gentle fun at some of the amazingly bad choices toy manufacturers made in the past, there is nothing funny about dangerous and defective children's toys that place your kids in harm's way.

If your child suffered injuries from a malfunctioning toy or game, you may be able to seek compensation for their injuries and other damages.

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