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Woman files lawsuit against 25 Again

A woman recently filed a complaint in Jefferson Circuit Court, stating that a doctor at 25 Again, a hormone clinic, administered testosterone to her husband in 2016, despite the fact that his levels were normal.

The same complaint was also filed with the Cabinet for Health and Family Services medical review panel branch, noting that administering too much testosterone in someone with a normal level is a violation of professional standards.

The woman is arguing that too much testosterone resulted in her husband's 2016 heart attack and subsequent death. The complaint notes the following:

"This case arises out of the pattern and practice of the defendants in which hormones are prescribed, sold and administered to patients, including the decedent, when they are not clinically indicated, do not provide any benefit, and expose patients … to risk of harm and death."

In June 2018, the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure prohibited the doctor from partaking in hormone medicine after research into the practice found that it violated acceptable medical standards.

Despite the fact that the doctor and several nurse practitioners are no longer employed by 25 Again, the clinic continues to provide service to patients. It has eight locations throughout the region, including those in Louisville, Lexington and Cincinnati.

This isn't the first time the clinic finds itself in trouble as the result of a patient's death. In Owensboro, the widows of two other men who died of heart attacks after treatment filed suit against a nurse practitioner. While one of the lawsuits was settled out of court, the other is pending.

With the most current lawsuit, the woman states that her husband visited the clinic in November 2015 in seek of treatment to increase energy, enhance strength and fight against weight gain.

While the doctor told the man that his testosterone and thyroxine levels were low, lab results show that his hormones were within the acceptable range at the time.

After receiving treatment throughout 2016, the 54-year-old man passed away in September of a heart attack, which the lawsuit directly attributes to excessive hormone therapy.

While it's easy to put your trust in your medical team, stories like this show that these professionals don't always have the best interest of the patient in mind. This can result in medical malpractice, ending in serious injury, illness or even death.

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