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Wet weather in winter can spell trouble for truckers

Snow and ice occur infrequently during Louisville winters, but rain is a common weather element that can increase the risk of accidents on the roads. That's especially true for large, commercial semi-trucks that take extra time and distance to stop in comparison to passenger vehicles.

What adds another layer of danger to the wet weather hazard is the heavy weight of these highway behemoths. A fully loaded semi can weigh as much as 80,000 lbs., or 40 tons. Truckers simply are unable to stop on a dime in an emergency.

That means that in inclement weather, truck drivers must make driving accommodations to counter the effects of the weather. Some of those accommodations include:

Using headlights and windshield wipers

In a rainstorm, visibility is everything, so it is incumbent upon truck drivers to make sure that their big rigs are fitted with working windshield wipers and properly aimed headlights before they set out on their routes.

Slowing down

The roads are often at their most slick at the very start of a rainstorm. That's when the rain combines with oily deposits on the road to create a slick surface that reduces tire traction considerably. At the first sign of rain, truckers should decrease their speed.

Avoid driving through standing water

Semi drivers who plow their big rigs through pools of standing water run the risk of hydroplaning. While it may be unavoidable in some circumstances in high traffic areas, it is much safer to avoid deep puddles on the highway that could cause a trucker to lose control of his semi.

If you get into a collision with an 18-wheeler, you may be able to recoup some of your financial and other losses if the truck driver was negligent.

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