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Lesson No. 1: Your insurance company is not your friend

There are mean-spirited people in the world who like to kick a man when he's down. It's one thing for a heartless stranger to heap abuse on you when you are injured and defenseless, but most Louisville residents expect better from those whom they know.

The same goes for the insurance companies to which you have paid your premiums on time and faithfully, sometimes for decades. It's reasonable to expect that when you need to file a claim for damages, your insurance company will respond appropriately to resolve the matter.

You may be let down

That's why so many consumers are stunned to learn that their legitimate claims have been denied or low-balled to the point where the relief offered is laughable. There you are, just days out of the hospital following a serious accident, and your own insurance company is nickle-and-diming you.

It's enough to give you a headache if you hadn't already had one.

Not all claims get denied

But it's a sure bet that all claims are settled for the least amount of money possible. Insurance companies are for-profit entities, and they have bottom lines to hold and shareholders to please with increased profits. That can't happen if they are paying out the maximum on all claims.

How they work it

Insurance companies have many different ways to limit your recovery after a covered accident. By far the most common is to toss some money your way and hope you'll go away. That first offer will always be far under what they are actually willing to pay, so don't jump on it.

Experienced negotiators know to let that offer sit on the table while they walk away. Eventually, a higher offer will be tendered, but it still may be far too low.

The stall

You may be ready to settle, but they suddenly begin dragging feet, "forgetting" to return calls, "losing" documents you've already provided, passing your claim on to another agent who is unfamiliar with the issues. They're trying to wear you down and have you ready to accept whatever just to end this crazy-making process and move on.

Partial payments only

It's ridiculous the things that they will try to avoid paying. Suppose you hit your head and an X-ray showed no skull fractures. Yet, your headaches persist and the doctor orders a more expensive diagnostic test like an MRI.

You might get a letter from your insurance company stating they won't pay for the MRI because it wasn't "medically necessary." Now you have to track down the ER doctor who ordered the test and persuade him to write a statement that yes, the MRI was medically necessary to rule out a serious traumatic brain injury (TBI). ER doctors like more paperwork the way the Hatfields like the McCoys, so don't expect that to be signed any time soon.

It's a pre-existing condition

Why is it relevant that back in fourth grade you broke your ankle roller skating? What does that have to do with the ankle that's in a cast right now? It was a "pre-existing condition" and they're denying the claim.

Don't allow these pathetic attempts to prevent your receiving full value for your injuries and damages. When negotiations falter — litigate!

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