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Learn how to stay safe riding motorcycles in bad weather

Kentucky motorcycle riders who get caught unaware in inclement weather can face increased risks of accidents. While it's always best to ride prepared for bad weather, it's still possible to get caught in a cloudburst with little or no notice.

The following tips can help you weather unexpected storms when you're riding your motorcycle.

Have the right gear

All the advance notice in the world won't help if you don't have protective rain gear stowed away. You should always have a rain-resistant jacket, but don't stop there.

Rain reduces drivers' visibility, so even if you typically ride wearing black leather, make sure you have a reflective vest or other high-visibility gear to put on in the rain.

Install a weather app on your phone

When clouds gather, you can pull off the road, whip out your phone and check the radar. Are you in for a scattered sunshower, or is a major front moving in? Determining this can decide the course of action you will take, which brings us to the next tip.

Waiting it out

Bikers should wait out major storms when lightning or tornadoes are a possibility. Even microbursts can bring strong, gusting winds that can cause riders to lose control. In severe weather conditions, there are very few scenarios that can justify trying to press on through the storm.

While adequate in a pinch, the area underneath overpasses is not the optimum spot to wait out the storm, as it leaves riders dangerously close to traffic.

Riding it out

On the flip side, if your bike's tires are in good repair — and you wouldn't be riding it unless they were, right? — and the rain is light, you might decide to just ride it out.

But you will need to slow your roll and allow more time for stopping, taking corners and accelerating.

Consider motorists' rainy weather driving skills (or lack thereof)

You can be as safe as possible and still get hurt or killed if a driver in a car or truck lacks the driving skills to avoid slamming into you. That's reason alone to find a roadside diner to pull over and drink a cup of coffee until the skies clear once again.

If you wind up injured in a motorcycle accident with an at-fault driver, do all that you can to preserve your right to seek compensation.

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