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Child's toy bursts into flames

Imagine a parent's horror watching the toy car into which they've strapped their two children overheat and burst into flames. That was recently the reality for one mom in another state when the kids' new SporTrax toy jeep began smoking and then erupt in flames.

Fortunately, the mother was present and noticed an electrical, burning odor emanating from the overheating toy jeep. She sprang into action on Aug. 16 and managed to unbuckle her children, age 3 and 16-months before the flames engulfed the toy on the lawn.

She said, "The car stops, it wasn't going anymore. I was trying to help my son turn it around. . . I smelled something electrical burning [and t]here was some smoke coming out of the hood, so I . . . unbuckled them and pulled them out."

The woman said that in seconds, flames shot out and engulfed the little car. She had to call the fire department to put the fire out.

This story could have had a horrifically tragic ending if the woman hadn't been right there with her children. Had she stepped inside to use the bathroom or answer a phone, she could now be planning a double funeral.

As reported by PEOPLE magazine, both she and her husband reached out to the operators of the website Big Toys Green Country from which the riding toy was purchased. The kids' mother reported that the site administrators refunded the couple the purchase price of $589 and also apologized. They no longer advertise the toy on their website.

The parents had less luck contacting retailer Rolling Hills Trading Inc., as company officials only stated they were aware of the incident.

Consumers expect when they purchase toys for their children that said toys will be safe for them to use in the intended manner. When such is not the case, it may be necessary to take further legal action.

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