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What causes and contributes to road rage?

Have you ever experienced an episode of road rage? Whether you were the aggressor or the victim, unchecked road rage is dangerous to all who share the highways.

It's estimated that over 50 percent of drivers experience road rage at least once. While most drivers will never do anything more malicious than leaning on the horn or flipping off the perceived traffic offender, the aggressive driving that can accompany these episodes can prove deadly.

Road rage intensifiers

Some people are prone to anger and violence. When thwarted in traffic, they lash out just like they typically do in their interpersonal relationships or even on the job. These people are dangerously vindictive and should be avoided at all costs.

Some people take out their frustrations on other motorists they believe to be driving badly. Maybe they had a bad day at work. Regardless, they dehumanize other drivers because there is little connection between the two motorists.

Gridlocked traffic also tends to bring out the worst in some drivers. Nobody likes being stuck in rush hour traffic, but most Louisville residents accept that as part of life.

However, some instances of road rage turn lethal, especially if one or more raging drivers is armed. Even when they're not, a driver can still weaponize his or her vehicle to inflict incalculable harm on another motorist and his or her passengers. Still others in close proximity on the highway can suffer collateral damage as a result of a driver's angry outbursts behind the wheel.

Were you injured as a result of another driver's road rage? You may need to settle the matter in Louisville's civil court system.

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