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Tips for driving in inclement weather

With the inclement weather across America's heartland this month, it's a good time to review some driving tips for rainy and windy conditions.

While it's true that the worse the weather conditions are, the more risks that drivers and their passengers face, it's also possible to mitigate some of the dangers with careful driving practices like those below.

Severe weather demands drivers' undivided attention

Motorists should always focus intently on the task at hand, i.e., driving, but this is especially true when weather conditions worsen. Eliminate unnecessary distractions like the radio and consider pulling over until conditions improve.

Winds can be unpredictable

Everyone realizes the deadly potential of a tornado, but few consider how hazardous strong gusts of wind can be, especially in the valleys between mountainous regions and in other open areas. These sections of unprotected road can be like wind funnels, whipping up gusts that can even blow large, heavy semitrucks off of the highway.

If you see the telltale sway of an 18-wheeler's trailer, give it a wide berth while keeping a tight grip on your own steering wheel.

Hazards of heavy rains

Hydroplaning is one of the most deadly dangers. Cars can start hydroplaning with very little moisture on the roads. In fact, motorists can lose control of their vehicles at the onset of a rainstorm when the rain mixes with substances on the highway that create oil slicks. To avoid accidents, reduce speed during rainy weather.

Use your headlights

Newer vehicles typically are equipped with daytime running lights. But if you are driving an older model, make sure that your headlights are turned on whenever you use your windshield wipers.

Allow extra space

Drivers shouldn't be tailgating anyway, but when weather conditions deteriorate, it's important to have extra room between your front bumper and the rear bumper of the car ahead of you. Should you need to brake suddenly, those extra seconds could be the difference between an accident with injuries and a near-miss.

Protect your rights after a car wreck

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