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Ford announces another recall

Yet another defective product recall is tarnishing the reputation of the auto manufacturing industry. Last week, Ford announced its recall of roughly 550,000 SUVs and cars in North America.

The most recent problem appears to be a malfunctioning gearshift that doesn't properly engage and can allow parked vehicles to unexpectedly roll away.

The vehicles involved in the latest recall include some small Escape SUVs from 2013 and 2014 and some Fusion sedans from 2013 to 2016.

Defective cable at fault

According to the automaker, one of the bushings connecting the shifter cable with the transmission is susceptible to breakage. If this occurs, vehicles that appear to be safely in park could still be engaged in another gear. These vehicles could roll forward or back, potentially harming anyone in the way. Until the problems can be fixed, Ford advises owners of the affected vehicles to use the parking brakes.

As of last week's recall announcement, Ford said it had not been notified of any accidents or injuries to consumers that were attributable to the defective auto parts.

Impacted consumers will receive notification by the end of the month with instructions telling them what to do. The repairs will be done at no cost to consumers by their local automobile dealerships.

Consumers protected against faulty products

As a consumer, you have the right to expect that goods you buy in the American marketplace are safe when used for their intended purposes.

All too frequently, however, defective products still find their ways into the homes of consumers. Sometimes, these defective products wind up causing or contributing to consumers being injured or sickened. When that happens, it is often possible for the victims or their survivors to pursue financial compensation for their losses.

Cases are winnable -- but challenging

Product liability lawsuits are typically some of the more challenging cases to prove in court. However, many consumers have potentially winnable lawsuits should they elect to pursue them in the civil court system.

Were you injured by a defective product or one of its components? You may want to learn more about the rights you have as a consumer here in Kentucky.

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