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Distracted driving is on the rise

With all of the information out there about the dangers of distracted driving, it seems that the problem would be diminishing. Yet research disturbingly reveals that just the opposite is true.

According to Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT), data collected from over 65 million trips during the past half-year indicated that drivers nationwide were distracted on more than 36 percent of their trips. This is a 5 percent uptick from the previous year.

The company has a smartphone app to collect driver data and offer insights for ways drivers can be safer behind the wheel. The app measures:

  • Speeding
  • Cellphone usage while driving
  • Braking hard
  • Rough acceleration
  • Cornering

Below are some of the conclusions from the data analyses.

Beware the evening commute

This is the time when most distracted driving occurs, as 38 percent of the distracted-driving behaviors took place from 4 to 6 p.m.

Lower speeds not necessarily safer

Maybe drivers pay more attention when they've got a heavy foot on the gas. Most distractions happen at low speeds (30 to 40 mph).

Back roads distract us

More drivers get distracted on secondary roads (57 percent) than those driving on major highways (43 percent).

It's a problem everywhere

An average of 36 percent of nationwide trips involved distracted driving.

While none of this is encouraging, it's important to understand that these are behaviors that can be changed. Yes, bad habits are hard to break, but safety is paramount.

Were you injured in an auto accident with a distracted driver? Remember that you have rights in the situation. You may be able to pursue financial remuneration for your injuries and damages.

Source: BodyShop Business, "Telematics Data Shows Distracted Driving Occurring More Frequently," accessed May 04, 2018

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