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Making yourself visible on a motorcycle in Kentucky

Riding a motorcycle is second nature to some people. For others, they need a refresher each spring season before heading out on a ride for the first time after a long winter. It doesn't matter how experienced you are, you should always make yourself visible when riding your motorcycle. Being visible to every motorist is important. It can save your life and prevent a nasty accident.

Always wear bright clothing when riding your motorcycle, even during the daylight hours. Having on bright clothing, including a neon vest, will help you get noticed by motorists around you.

Make sure all of the lights on your motorcycle work prior to each ride you take. Don't use them just at night either. It's safer to ride your motorcycle with the lights on even during the daytime. Having your lights activated could save your life.

Ride in a manner where you are not hidden from the view of other motorists. For example, never ride in the blind spots of other vehicles, even if just for a brief moment. This will only put those drivers at a disadvantage when trying to see you on the road.

Put your bike in a position where it can be seen, even when stopped at a traffic light. You want vehicles approaching the intersection from all directions to be able to see you so that they know if you are stopped, waiting to turn or waiting for the light to change colors.

There are plenty of ways to make yourself visible when riding your motorcycle in Louisville, Kentucky. All of these methods should be put to good use so you never find yourself the victim of a motorcycle accident.

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