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Internists face claims for high-severity injuries

A few years ago, one medical malpractice insurance company, The Doctor's Company, ordered an analysis of 1,180 malpractice claims against internal medicine doctors. They discovered that 58 percent of malpractice claims against internists were for high-severity injuries. This was in sharp contrast to the 34 percent of total claims against all doctors.

Further, this research discovered that internists get sued the most for the following reason, under which 90 percent of all malpractice claims are made.

Diagnostic failures

This is the most frequently cited allegation, comprising 39 percent of all claims. The category encompasses delayed diagnoses, wrong diagnoses and failing to diagnose. High-severity injuries were cited in 70 percent of diagnosis-related malpractice claims.

Inadequate medical treatment

In second place at 32 percent were claims against internal medicine physicians for failing to properly communicate with other medical providers and failing to order diagnostic tests.

Medication errors

Rounding out the top three at 19 percent are medication errors, from not addressing drugs' side effects to failinh to identify drug interactions.

Researchers discovered 84 different kinds of patient injuries, with the most common being death, malignant conditions and adverse drug reactions.

While not every instance of alleged malpractice is rooted in provable fact, an experienced and skilled Louisville attorney may be able to present your case favorably to a judge or jury. This could wind up with you receiving a generous settlement or judgment as compensation for the losses and damages that you and your family endured in the aftermath of medical treatment gone awry.

Compensation is especially important to those who can no longer work and support themselves after these incidents occur.

Source: Becker's Hospital Review, "Internists more likely to face malpractice lawsuits for high-severity injuries than other physicians," Emily Rappleye, accessed March 02, 2018

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