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Did someone intentionally hurt you? You might have a claim.

Everybody in Kentucky has had a bad interaction with another person at one time or another in their lives. You might think that these incidents -- particularly with so-called bullies -- should stop when we enter into adulthood. However, it seems that being an adult does not protect us from becoming a bully victim.

In most cases, bullies throw verbal attacks at their victims, and you may walk away with a bruised or hurt ego. In rare cases, though, a bully can become physically violent and hurt you. If this happened to you, you might have cause to pursue a legal action called an "intentional tort."

What's an intentional tort?

An intentional tort happens when another person intends to cause you physical harm and hurts you as a result. The most direct way this could happen is if someone physically assaults you by punching you or hitting you with something. Let's take a look at other examples and categories of intentional torts:

  • Battery: This is how courts refer to "hitting" or "punching" someone. It can also happen as a result of firing a gun, hitting someone with an object or throwing a projectile at another person.
  • Assault: Assault doesn't have to result in physical contact. It might simply involve the attempt to hurt someone without the battery actually happening.
  • False imprisonment: This refers to the confinement of another individual without the legal authority to do so. It may happen as a result of inappropriate police activity, but others may hold you against your will either physically or with verbal threats.
  • Intentional infliction of emotional distress: This might happen on the job, and it relates to the verbal variety of bullying. In this kind of harassment, you might not see physical injuries, but the emotional effects on the victim can be devastating and costly.
  • Defamation: People may try to defame you by making up lies about your character, who you are or what you supposedly did. The end-result could destroy your career, ruin your relationships and more. The costs of defamation are high.

Protect your legal rights if someone hurt you on purpose

There are countless cases where one person intentionally hurts another person. In these situations, the victim who suffered the injury may want to learn about his or her legal rights and options to seek financial restitution. Victims may be surprised to find that they are on the right side of the law and have a viable cause of action to receive money from the party who injured them.

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