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The Arctic Express arrives: Stay safe on Kentucky's highways

As the nation braces for the Arctic Express to make its swing down into the south, the Kentucky State Police are urging drivers to use extra caution on the roads and interstates.

Below are some tips for motorists who must head out into inclement weather conditions.

Be prepared

Toss a warm blanket in the trunk, along with some water and food supplies. Change the batteries in your flashlight and buy a set of jumper cables if you don't already have them. Also, make sure that your cellphone charger is with you on any trip.

Having the necessary supplies in your vehicle to combat dangerous weather could wind up saving your life if you get stranded in a disabled vehicle. Keeping the gas tank full allows you to run the engine intermittently if you get stuck in snow. But always ensure the exhaust pipe is unobstructed to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Assure your vision is unobstructed

Keep mirrors and car windows free of snow and ice accumulations in order to safely manage your time and distance and prevent a wreck.

Allow extra time

Leaving 15 or 20 minutes early when driving becomes treacherous can save lives. Travel time may be as much as five times as long as it is when the weather is not an issue. Anticipating road closures and other delays can help you plan your route.

Stop tailgating

This is good advice during any kind of weather, but it's especially important to lengthen the distance between your vehicle and the one ahead of it in wintry weather conditions.

Beware of black ice

Overpasses and bridges typically ice over before the rest of the road. Deep valleys that hold shade most of the day also accumulate black ice, and so do the peaks of ridges.

Some accidents are unavoidable no matter how careful a driver may be. Should you wind up in a collision with an at-fault driver, learn about your rights to compensation.

Source: KFVS, "Kentucky State Police offer winter driving tips," James Long, Dec. 05, 2017

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