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Don't let an insurance company's bad faith ruin your life

Are you as good as your word? Can people count on you to come through with what you promised to do? That's a sign of a reliable and faithful friend, part of what makes someone a solid citizen who has — and has earned — the respect of others.

Just as it is important for people to live up to their promises to others, it's important than insurance companies do the same. While there are insurance companies that actually do honor legitimate claims, our firm, unfortunately, finds that they are in the minority.

When bad faith happens to good people

Our firm represents many clients on matters of bad faith with insurance companies. What this essentially means is that the client, in good faith, purchased an insurance policy in order to protect themselves from financial ruin after an accident or to compensate them or their dependents if they become ill or get injured and can no longer work.

Our clients faithfully submitted their payments annually, quarterly or monthly to ensure that their coverage never lapsed. In short, they acted in good faith and expected that their insurance company would do likewise.

By the time they come to us for representation, all their illusions about their insurance companies' good intentions have already been shattered. Their claims have been denied or delayed for so long that their lives often are in ruin. Some face bankruptcies or loss of their homes because of the bad faith of their insurance providers.

We hold insurance companies accountable

We don't let our clients get steamrolled by insurance companies determined not to honor legitimate claims. Instead, we hold their metaphorical feet to the fire and take action to make sure that our clients get what they are owed after an accident or other tragedy disrupted their lives.

One of our past clients, who resides in Pikeville, had more than $30,000 worth of medical bills from treatment stemming from a collision involving a drunken driver. The insurance company failed to timely pay out the claim, which led to our representing the injured party.

Although the terms of the settlement that we negotiated are confidential, rest assured that our client was satisfied, as well as greatly relieved to no longer be dunned by creditors over the accident-related medical bills.

We can do the same for you if you find yourself in a similar situation where you are at sword's point with your, or a liable party's, insurance company. Learn how we can help tip the scales of justice back in your favor.

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