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Kentucky Motorcyclists: Always at risk, always trying to be safe

Most people view motorcyclists with a "bad boy" image, but in reality, people from all walks of life fall in love with motorcycles. In the average Louisville motorcycle club, you'll find blue collar workers, white collar professionals, hair stylists, performers -- everything. However, what you will not find in the average motorcycle group is a bad driver.

Every motorcyclist rides at his skill level, to be sure, but you better believe that the vast majority of motorcyclists are exponentially more attentive, more careful and more alert than the average vehicle driver. This is because motorcyclists can't afford to take any additional risks.

Being on a bike, following all the rules of the road, wearing all the safety equipment and having a well-oiled, smoothly running motorcycle is risky enough. Motorcyclists have to contend with inattentive drivers -- who have their faces buried into their smartphones -- participating in mindless social media pursuits when they should be looking at the road around them.

Even worse, motorcyclists are catastrophically disadvantaged when it comes to getting into a vehicle accident with a normal car. Even the slightest nudge by a large and heavy automobile, and send a bike careening off balance, ejecting the rider into the street, exposing him or her to all manner of injury.

There's a reason why so many motorcyclists die every year, but it doesn't have to do as much with the recklessness of motorcyclists as it does with the recklessness and inattentiveness of negligent vehicle drivers. If you or a family member were hurt on a motorcycle by a negligent motorist, the law firm of Ewing & Willis can help you evaluate whether you can hold the negligent driver financially accountable.

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