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When you have suffered damages, injuries or losses that should be indemnified by an insurance company -- yours or an at-fault individual's or entity's -- you don't deserve to be given short shrift.

However, insurance companies are profit-driven business models with bottom lines maintained by paying the least amount of money to the fewest claims possible. It's vital to understand that these companies are actively working against claimants' best interests despite what their representatives may say.

Nobody wants to fight with insurance companies over claims. It's tedious, involves many specific deadlines and reams of paperwork that must be submitted, yet often conveniently disappear and must be resubmitted.

Insurance companies often try to compel claimants to give verbal or written statements about the incidents that generated their claims. Sometimes claimants will still be suffering from the shock of catastrophic events or experiencing the effects of medication for their conditions when they are urged to go on record about the events.

The companies count on the reluctance of the general public to engage in extended, often contentious, negotiations with insurance companies. They know that without the representation of knowledgeable and aggressive insurance litigation attorneys, a great percentage of claimants will settle for less than they would otherwise be owed under policy limits.

Your claim shouldn't be settled for a penny less than it is worth. That's why the insurance litigation attorneys at Ewing & Willis are ready to take your claims to a Kentucky courtroom when settlement negotiations prove fruitless. We understand what a claim's true worth is and will fight hard to get our clients all of the compensation that they deserve.

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