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Injuries from motorcycle accidents can be very costly

Injuries and deaths arising from motorcycle accidents can be very costly; not only in the physical and emotional damage suffered by riders and their families, but also in monetary costs. A report from the Government Accountability Office estimates that costs from motorcycle crashes reached $16 billion in 2010, and will continue to rise as health care costs soar.

 The report noted that 82,000 riders were injured across the United States, with 4,500 riders losing their lives to traffic accidents. The average cost of each fatal accident was reported at $1.2 million, while costs for injuries ranged from $2,500 to $1.4 million based on how severe the injuries were. 

Skin abrasions and broken bones ostensibly did not cost as much as spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries. Nevertheless, the overall costs were somewhat difficult to quantify given how some injured riders took part in extensive rehabilitation programs and others did not. Also, the loss of income and changes in employment could not be fully measured.

While costs may not have been entirely clear, the prevention measures are obvious. Helmet use is the best method of preventing serious injuries and fatalities. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, helmet use reduced the possibility of fatalities by nearly 37 percent. In fact, helmets have saved thousands of riders since 2010, including 1.772 lives in 2015 alone. CDC studies also suggest that helmets protect riders against debilitating head injuries as well.

With ever-increasing health care costs troubling the system, it is imperative for riders to take advantage of all available safety products. For those who have been injured as a result of someone else's actions an experienced personal injury attorney can help. 

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