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Fall-related injuries are unusually common in Kentucky

Whether you realize it or not, there are seemingly hundreds of ways to hurt yourself on a daily basis. While advances in safety and awareness have reduced the likelihood of injuries in all walks of life, not even the most cautious of planners can prevent all accidents. When thinking about how to reduce accidents in our state, Kentuckians should focus on fall-related injuries.

According to Amina, a data-based healthcare company, fall injuries are unusually common in Kentucky compared to other states. The Bluegrass State was the only state in the country that had an unusually high number of fall-related injuries as documented by health insurance claims. 

Common injury, common sense

Although we live in the southern United States, we are not immune to winter weather. Fall injuries are especially common this time of the year, in colder months, when unforeseen snow and ice can slicken parking lots and sidewalks. Keen awareness of conditions that make fall-related injuries more likely can lessen our risk of falling victim to them. Placing the blame for a slip and fall injury is based on common sense or what the average person would find "reasonable" under the circumstances. Did you fall because of your own carelessness, or was there proof that the property owner could have taken action to improve the situation but did not? Proving fault in a slip and fall case often lies in premises liability. That is to say: we have a reasonable expectation that we will not get hurt when entering someone else's property. Whether you are injured due to ice in the parking lot while renewing your driver's license or because of a wet floor at a bar, you have a right to hold the property owner accountable.

Civil litigation provides a path to recovery

Filing a personal injury claim against a person or a business sometimes results in civil litigation. Although the case could go to court, the standard of proof is different than if someone was charged with a crime by the police and a judge. In criminal court, the judge and jury rely on "beyond a reasonable doubt" that the defendant is guilty.However, in a civil court, injured parties only have to prove their case based on a "preponderance of evidence," or more likely than not, that harm was caused by the residential or business owner's action. Slip and fall injuries may be unusually common in Kentucky, but victims of accidents are not left without a path to recovery and compensation. 

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