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Settling your insurance claim

Most people are aware of what happens when they fail to pay their auto insurance on time. Their policies get canceled, any claims are denied, flags get put on their drivers' licenses and the reinstatement fees and fines start to accrue.

In other words, nothing good comes from letting your auto insurance coverage lapse. But on the other side of the coin, what deterrents do insurance companies face for delaying claims?

Can technology keep senior citizens driving longer?

The 21st century has brought a lot of new technologies to the automotive industry. Most are designed to keep drivers safer on the roads. But can these enhanced features allow senior citizens to retain their driving privileges longer?

A survey conducted by the Hartford and MIT AgeLab found that older drivers have embraced these new technologies but are afraid to rely on them too much. Researchers asked over 300 drivers between the ages of 50 and 69 which new features they'd be willing to use in their vehicles. Most mature drivers answered that they were most willing to try features designed to prevent accidents.

Beware of dangers when traveling by bus

Have you ever taken a long-distance bus trip? For many years, the phrase "leave the driving to us" was part of the slogan for a well-known motorcoach company in the United States.

But just how safe is it to put your safety in the hands of a bus company and its driver? As it turns out, you may face significant risks if you choose to climb aboard.

Louisville physician suspended from practice

A Louisville physician has been "indefinitely suspended" from practicing hormone medicine by the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure. 25 Again's medical director, Dr. Elizabeth Veeneman Bates, will retain her license to practice medicine and the clinic will not be shuttered.

However, Dr. Bates' attorney stated the physician was disappointed by the board's ruling and planned an appeal. The indefinite restriction will remain in effect until the doctor successfully completes a costly re-education program with no guarantee she won't face another suspension.

What type of injuries do most motorcycle riders suffer?

Kentucky motorcycle enthusiasts are gearing up for one of the best motorcycle seasons — fall. An autumn ride through the rolling hills can be exhilarating this time of year, and quite beautiful when the leaves begin to change color.

But fall can also be a time of increased motorcycling accidents due to slippery piles of leaves that reduce riders' traction with the road surfaces. Reduced daylight hours also increase the potential for accidents to occur.

Follow these tips when dealing with an insurance adjuster

Even a minor car accident can be very scary. In the first few minutes, you will probably experience fear, relief, more fear and confusion all amplified by an adrenaline rush. It could be hours or even a day or two to fully return to normal.

During that time, you will not want to make any decisions or give more than a yes or no answer to your doctor. But, what do you do when, within 24 hours, there is an insurance adjuster knocking at your door and badgering you to accept their estimation of the damages to your vehicle?

How is pain and suffering calculated in personal injury cases?

Car accident injuries can run the gamut from minor bumps and bruises to permanent and life-threatening disabilities. Should the injured victim decide to sue the liable party for the damages they caused, one thing that must be quantified in these cases is the victim's pain and suffering.

If you are trying to settle a claim, you may wonder how these figures are determined. First, you must understand some basics about a personal injury claim.

Malpractice case leads to verdict of over $7 million

When something goes wrong and a family member seeks medical treatment to fix the problem, you expect that the doctors and other medical professionals will correctly diagnose and treat the problem. You don't consider that their misdiagnosis and/or incorrect treatment protocols could render your loved one an invalid.

Yet, for one family in a neighboring state, that's exactly what happened in October 2013. A retired speech pathologist in Sandusky, Ohio, sought treatment at Firelands Regional Medical Center after falling ill.

8 dead in Greyhound crash involving semitruck

Riding a Greyhound bus is an economical way to get to one's destination and get the opportunity to see other parts of the country as well. Sadly, in some cases, this kind of mass transit can be deadly.

Such was the case this week in New Mexico. At least eight Greyhound passengers died when a commercial semitruck blew a tire, and the truck driver lost control.

Child's toy bursts into flames

Imagine a parent's horror watching the toy car into which they've strapped their two children overheat and burst into flames. That was recently the reality for one mom in another state when the kids' new SporTrax toy jeep began smoking and then erupt in flames.

Fortunately, the mother was present and noticed an electrical, burning odor emanating from the overheating toy jeep. She sprang into action on Aug. 16 and managed to unbuckle her children, age 3 and 16-months before the flames engulfed the toy on the lawn.

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