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Parkinson's drug linked to hundreds of deaths

Imagine being really sick with Parkinson's disease and suffering from psychosis and hallucinations that haunt your every waking moment. The torment patients suffer leaves them and their concerned family members so desperate for relief that they are willing to try so-called "breakthrough therap[ies]" that are being fast-walked through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pharmaceutical review process.

But this relief may wind up killing them or their loved ones. Such is the case with one medication, Nuplazid, which was manufactured by Acadia Pharmaceuticals out of San Diego.

Toppling dressers remain threat to young children

Expectant parents delight in decorating their babies' rooms with brightly-colored motifs and murals designed to stimulate their infants' burgeoning senses.

But are parents paying as much attention to safety concerns as they are to aesthetics? Some signs suggest they aren't, and neither are the manufacturers of some furniture items.

Making yourself visible on a motorcycle in Kentucky

Riding a motorcycle is second nature to some people. For others, they need a refresher each spring season before heading out on a ride for the first time after a long winter. It doesn't matter how experienced you are, you should always make yourself visible when riding your motorcycle. Being visible to every motorist is important. It can save your life and prevent a nasty accident.

Always wear bright clothing when riding your motorcycle, even during the daylight hours. Having on bright clothing, including a neon vest, will help you get noticed by motorists around you.

2 freight trains collide in Kentucky

This month, just outside of Lexington, two Norfolk Southern Railroad freight trains smashed into one another and derailed. The accident occurred at approximately 11:15 p.m. on March 19 in Georgetown. The collision injured four people, and the subsequent fire caused police to order nearby residents to evacuate their homes.

A lieutenant with the Lexington Fire Department said that the evacuations were done "out of an abundance of caution."

Neck injuries on Kentucky job sites

When working within high-risk occupations like construction sites or coal mines, getting injured at work can be a common occurrence. Unfortunately, these workplace injuries can cause many problems for workers, including needing to pay medical bills for treatment and losing wages while recovering.

The good news is that, in the state of Kentucky, there are protections in place that help injured workers financially and protect them from being fired while they are recovering from work-related injuries.

Nitrogen tank failure dashes Ohio couples' parenting dreams

A nightmare scenario recently unfolded for prospective parents in a neighboring state.

A Beachwood, Ohio, fertility clinic — the Ahuja Medical Center — experienced temperature fluctuations over a recent weekend that rendered the embryos and eggs nonviable that were stored in their liquid nitrogen tank. Roughly 2,000 embryos and eggs thawed as a result.

Is your property hazardous to others?

Even though many areas of the country are still digging themselves out of Mother Nature's latest onslaught -- and although Louisville still appears to be in winter's grip -- spring is just around the corner.

As Louisville residents are well-aware, however, just because the calendar proclaims that it is spring, that doesn't mean that our weather will be free of storms. In fact, the upcoming months typically produce some of the wildest weather of the year, from floods to tornadoes.

Internists face claims for high-severity injuries

A few years ago, one medical malpractice insurance company, The Doctor's Company, ordered an analysis of 1,180 malpractice claims against internal medicine doctors. They discovered that 58 percent of malpractice claims against internists were for high-severity injuries. This was in sharp contrast to the 34 percent of total claims against all doctors.

Further, this research discovered that internists get sued the most for the following reason, under which 90 percent of all malpractice claims are made.

Ready to ride? Inspect your motorcycle first

Motorcycle enthusiasts are chomping at the bit to get out onto Kentucky's highways and byways for some wind therapy. But before heading out, be proactive about your safety and inspect your bike after a winter's rest.

Doing the following things can help keep you and others safer on the roads this spring and allow you many more years of motorcycle riding.

  • Start off with a fresh tank of gas. Fuel degrades over time and can cause problems with your motorcycle.
  • Inspect both tires. Check the air pressure and be alert to the presence of cracks in the rubber.
  • Top off fluid levels. Brake fluid, oil and antifreeze all should be at proper levels. Look for signs of leakage as well.
  • Chain-driven motorcycles need to be lubed. Also, watch for signs of wear-and-tear on the chain and sprockets.
  • Beware of rusty suspension. Tarnishing on the rear shock shaft or fork tubes can be removed with steel wool.

Louisville worker killed in plant accident

Plants are inherently dangerous facilities due to the industrial equipment and nature of the businesses. Workers realize that they are at risk of accidents and injuries each time they walk through those doors to start a shift.

Last Thursday, Feb. 15, one LLC employee arrived for the last shift that he ever worked. The man was killed in an unspecified accident at the Bells Lane facility located in the Rubbertown neighborhood in West Louisville.

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