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Can I protect my settlement money from my insurance company?

After a civil suit is settled, it may appear as if everyone and their brother has a hand out for your money. But while denying requests for handouts may become routine, there is one claim that may be quite unexpected — your health care provider.

Hospitals, doctors and other care providers can make claims against patients' settlements to collect on unpaid medical bills. Still, some have gone even farther. But your insurance settlement money could be jeopardized even further.

The Arctic Express arrives: Stay safe on Kentucky's highways

As the nation braces for the Arctic Express to make its swing down into the south, the Kentucky State Police are urging drivers to use extra caution on the roads and interstates.

Below are some tips for motorists who must head out into inclement weather conditions.

How do you find a good doctor?

Finding a good doctor is a little like playing the lottery -- you have to pick a name from a list of approved providers from your insurance company and then find one who's accepting new patients. Then you have to hope that you can actually trust him or her to both know what he or she is doing and put your needs first.

That's a lot to make work all at once. Getting a "new patient" appointment can take a frustrating amount of time. If you end up hating the doctor -- or just not trusting him or her -- you have to start the search all over again.

New saliva test for concussions in kids is pending

Even a fairly minor car accident can leave drivers and passengers with serious injuries, including concussions. When children suffer head injuries, it is particularly worrisome to parents.

But hope may be on the horizon, as this month, JAMA Pediatrics published the results of their research into a new diagnostic tool for concussion treatment. A test using injured children's saliva may prove helpful in diagnosing concussions, as well as offering an idea of how long the symptoms will persist.

Would you recognize a staged car accident?

You're a law-abiding citizen who plays by the rules. Wouldn't it be a nicer world if everybody else did too? But you are sharing your world with many scofflaws who will stoop quite low in order to collect on ill-gotten gains, like those derived from fraudulent insurance scams.

One of the most common examples are staged car accidents. Perpetrators often work in teams, but solo drivers can engineer an accident that they then blame on you and collect from your insurance company.

November 12, 2017 - Blog Post

November 10, 2017 - Blog Post

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    • Sometimes it is not only insurance companies that are not on your side. After Jeanette's husband died, she was denied half of his life insurance proceeds due to mistakes made by her husband's employer. Click the link below to read about how we were about to help Jeanette.

Home maintenance reduces likelihood of premises liability claims

It's the time of year to get busy winterizing your property. Below are some tips on maintaining your property in the winter that can save you money on hefty repair bills or allow you to dodge a premises liability claim from someone who gets harmed while on your property.

  • Procrastinating on furnace repairs will only leave you in the cold when the repairman is booked solid for weeks.
  • Clean out your gutters so your roof doesn't get damaged.
  • Insulating windows reduces your winter heating bill.
  • Walk your property lines and remove any deadfall that could trip someone when covered by snow.
  • Arrange to have dead or dying trees cut down and hedges trimmed.
  • Mulch the garden with autumn leaves.
  • Get out the ladder and inspect the roof. Sweep off any fallen leaves and branches and inspect the shingles or tiles for damages.
  • Remove and store window air conditioning units until the spring.
  • If you have a fireplace, arrange for a professional to clean out the chimney before the first fire of the season is lit.
  • Order your firewood now and cover it to keep it dry.
  • Cover or move patio furniture indoors for the winter to extend its life.
  • Make sure that no shutters are loose that could break free in a gust of wind.

By taking the time now to winterize your property, you reduce the risks you could face trying to mount a ladder and make repairs during a winter storm. You will also preserve the integrity of your home by keeping up with regular and seasonal maintenance tasks.

November 9, 2017 - Blog Post

  • https://youtu.be/X7KoVUspHys
    • Number 22 on our top 25 lawyer movies countdown is "The Lincoln Lawyer". Mick Haller is a defense lawyer who works out of his Lincoln. When a wealthy Realtor is accused of assaulting a prostitute, Haller is asked to defend him. The man claims that the woman is trying to get some money out of him. But when Haller looks at the evidence against him, he learns that this case might be linked to an old case of his. Click below to see number 22, or click here to see the full Top 25 list /The-Lighter-Side-of-the-Law/Top-25-Lawyer-Movies.shtml
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