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How do insurance scams work?

Insurance is big business. Each year, over 7,000 insurance companies rake in more than $1 trillion in premiums from their clients. The sheer size of the insurance industry can off incentives and opportunities for fraudsters to commit crimes.

When considering the impact of insurance fraud in industries other than health care, it's estimated to cost over $40 billion a year. Broken down, that's roughly anywhere from $400 and $700 each year in increased premiums.

National Dog Bite Prevention Week targets mail carriers

National Dog Bite Prevention Week was first started back in 1995 in conjunction with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). In honor of the 25th National Dog Bite Prevention Week in April of 2019, let's look at one demographic group with a disproportionate history of dog bites — mail carriers. Few jobs put workers in such frequent proximity to sometimes-hostile canines wary of anyone who might encroach on their "territory."

As such, the focus of the United States Postal Service (USPS) for this year's commemoration is to help prevent dog attacks with "a public service campaign that offers safety tips and emphasizes the need for increased owner responsibility."

Did politics weaken a consumer safety agency?

You've seen the women pushing the jogging strollers with their babies as they run in parks and on the sidewalks of Louisville. But when the BOB jogging strollers started losing their front wheels, the injuries mounted — and some were quite serious.

Broken bones. Torn ligaments. Baby teeth cracked and sheared off on hard pavement. Bleeding ears and kids' smashed faces.

Keep your teen safer on prom night with these tips

Springtime in Louisville is a lovely season with many events and activities taking place. One of those on the horizon is the prom, a treasured rite of passage cherished by high school students all over the nation.

But while parents often have fond memories of their own senior proms, many have qualms about their own kids engaging in forbidden and dangerous activities on prom night.

Are bedsores always a sign of neglect?

Unfortunately, if you have a loved one in a nursing home who develops bedsores, that's a clear indication of neglect by the caregivers. Bedsores are 100 percent preventable and are far easier to prevent than they are to treat.

These pressure sores can develop in low-mobility patients who are either bed-bound or who spend long hours confined to the same chair. The ulcers typically develop on the areas that are pressed against a surface — buttocks, heels, hips, elbows are all common sites for the proliferation of bedsores.

Get your motorcycle ready for spring before riding

Now that spring is finally here in Louisville, many motorcycle enthusiasts in the area will be out on the roads in force for the first rides of the season. That means that drivers have to be especially vigilant to avoid getting into a collision with motorcyclists.

Spring can be a particularly dangerous time for riding these two-wheeled cycles simply because motorists haven't seen as many bikers on the highways during the cold winter months. When it comes to riding a motorcycle, the principle "out of sight, out of mind" definitely applies. What you need to do is flip the script and become extremely visible for your first few rides around the state this spring.

Was your claim denial an example of "bad faith insurance"?

People obtain insurance policies for a variety of purposes. Many times, there is a legal or contractual obligation to have insurance. That applies to motor vehicle insurance, as well as homeowners insurance if you have a mortgage. Other times, people take out special insurance policies to offer themselves or their family some degree of financial protection.

Regardless of why you purchased an insurance policy, you no doubt rely on it in the event that something happens. Perhaps a tree fell on your garage during a serious windstorm. Maybe you got into a car accident, and you can't work because of how bad your injuries are. When you file a claim, you do so because you are depending on that coverage to cover your costs and protect you and your family.

Beware of the dangers facing kids on spring break

If you're the parent of a college student — or even a high-schooler — you may have come to dread the words "spring break." That's the time when school lets out and teens and young adults blow off steam for a week.

There's nothing inherently wrong with the concept of kids flocking to vacation spots to soak up the sun, but the problem is that many of their activities involve underage drinking and driving.

Found footage released 61 years after school bus crash

Newly found footage from a terrible school bus crash that occurred more than six decades ago in Floyd County has surfaced after a resident of Louisville donated the film that was shot by his grandfather in the days following the accident.

On the last day of February in 1958, the driver behind the wheel of a school bus loaded with 48 students lost control and crashed into the Big Sandy River. In all, the driver and 26 students died in the wreck.

Your teen's party could land you in legal hot water

You and your spouse are approaching a milestone anniversary and have planned a romantic cruise vacation. Accordingly, you arranged for your teenager to spend the week with relatives to ensure supervision is maintained.

But teens can be tricksters, and yours convinced your parents that he needed to work a closing shift at his fast-food job. Little did they know he had planned a teen party at your home during your absence.

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