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Lesson No. 1: Your insurance company is not your friend

There are mean-spirited people in the world who like to kick a man when he's down. It's one thing for a heartless stranger to heap abuse on you when you are injured and defenseless, but most Louisville residents expect better from those whom they know.

The same goes for the insurance companies to which you have paid your premiums on time and faithfully, sometimes for decades. It's reasonable to expect that when you need to file a claim for damages, your insurance company will respond appropriately to resolve the matter.

Learn how to stay safe riding motorcycles in bad weather

Kentucky motorcycle riders who get caught unaware in inclement weather can face increased risks of accidents. While it's always best to ride prepared for bad weather, it's still possible to get caught in a cloudburst with little or no notice.

The following tips can help you weather unexpected storms when you're riding your motorcycle.

Are your kids at risk of drain entrapment?

If you are taking an August vacation with your kids, you don't want a preventable tragedy to mar your holiday. One potentially lethal situation to avoid is suction entrapment.

This term refers to the powerful force of the suction from drains in spas and pools. Much the way a vacuum cleaner hose affixes to your open palm, uncovered drains can also latch on to unsuspecting people.

Louisville motorcyclist loses life in wreck

Motorcycles are a lot of fun to ride, especially during the hot Louisville summers. However, they can also be very dangerous and are responsible for many riders' injuries and deaths.

This is often the sad result of accidents between motorcyclists and drivers of large, heavy cars, trucks and SUVs. Motorcycles are no match and offer no protection for the riders.

Ford announces another recall

Yet another defective product recall is tarnishing the reputation of the auto manufacturing industry. Last week, Ford announced its recall of roughly 550,000 SUVs and cars in North America.

The most recent problem appears to be a malfunctioning gearshift that doesn't properly engage and can allow parked vehicles to unexpectedly roll away.

Be wary of amusement park rides

It's usually about at this point in the summer that parents are wracking their brains for fun activities to entertain their kids.

The days are long, the heat is rising and boredom abounds — as do frayed tempers. Many parents may decide that an outing to a local amusement park is a fairly inexpensive form of entertainment for their youngsters.

Tips for driving in inclement weather

With the inclement weather across America's heartland this month, it's a good time to review some driving tips for rainy and windy conditions.

While it's true that the worse the weather conditions are, the more risks that drivers and their passengers face, it's also possible to mitigate some of the dangers with careful driving practices like those below.

Don't go down slides with the kids

Young kids love to visit playgrounds with their parents and other caregivers. You can see the joy on the youngsters' faces as they fly high in the air on the swings and shoot down the slides.

Playgrounds also provide kids with the opportunity to socialize with others at or near their own ages, which can help the preschool set learn how to interact with their peers. But dangers also lurk in these settings.

What causes and contributes to road rage?

Have you ever experienced an episode of road rage? Whether you were the aggressor or the victim, unchecked road rage is dangerous to all who share the highways.

It's estimated that over 50 percent of drivers experience road rage at least once. While most drivers will never do anything more malicious than leaning on the horn or flipping off the perceived traffic offender, the aggressive driving that can accompany these episodes can prove deadly.

Medical malpractice and the standard of care

Medicine is not an exact science, and doctors are unable to guarantee their patients will have good outcomes. But that does not absolve some medical practitioners of egregious actions and treatment errors that rise to the level of medical malpractice.

How these practitioners get to that point is by failing to uphold the standard of care, which refers to the care, expertise and skills that physicians render to their patients and which are equal to or exceed that of other doctors in similar treatment situations in comparable communities.

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