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Fisher-Price issues voluntary recall of baby seats

Parents of infants know how difficult it can be to accomplish even the most basic things while their babies are awake. That's why so many parents have come to rely on infant seats that can safely contain their fussy babies so mom and dad can do everyday tasks like fixing supper or taking a shower.

But are those infant seats really safe? At least one vibrating infant seat has proven to have serious design flaws that could severely harm a baby.

Car accidents, insurance claims and next steps

There is never a good time to be part of a car accident, but if you find yourself in this situation you need to know which steps to take.

In addition to checking yourself for injuries and receiving immediate medical attention, you'll also need to turn your attention to the car insurance claims process at some point.

Stay safer after a highway emergency

While Louisville has been spared the brunt of the winter storms that have battered the coastal regions from the Deep South to New England, the freezing temperatures can still create some driving hazards.

If you discover that the weather, poor planning or just rotten luck have left you stranded on a Kentucky road or highway, the following safety tips from Consumer Reports auto experts could be helpful.

  • Whenever possible, move your vehicle off of the road. If your engine begins to sputter or you sense you're losing power, pull the wheel off of the road as far as you are safely able to do so.
  • Turn your hazard lights on. Even off the road, you want your vehicle to be visible to oncoming traffic. If you have flares or orange cones, place them several yards behind your bumper to alert traffic.
  • Attach bright cloth to the antenna. This alerts drivers that you need help. No antenna? Tie the material onto a door handle, hang it from a rolled-up window or raise your hood.
  • It may be best to exit the disabled car in an urban, populated area. Leave a note with a mobile number for police or other roadside assistance to contact you before leaving to seek help.
  • In bad weather in rural areas, stay with the car. At the least, it provides shelter from the storm.
  • Trust your instincts. There are many good Samaritans who offer to help stranded motorists, but there are also some with ill intent. Don't jeopardize yourself by getting into a car with a stranger. It's better to ask them to send police to assist you, or simply call 911.

Nursing shortages put patients at risk

If your child's teacher gets sick and can't teach, the school calls in a substitute. If the fry cook at the local fast food eatery calls in, the manager either finds someone to man the grill or dons an apron himself and does the job.

But if a couple of nurses miss their shifts due to illness, most of the time their fellow nurses carry their patient load. That can be highly dangerous for the patients and cause a high degree of burnout for the nurses pulling double-duty.

Federal agency to take hard line against homeopathic remedies

Many Kentucky residents like to supplement traditional medical treatments with alternative remedies and homeopathic medications that have been around in different incarnations for many years.

Much like dietary supplements that don't have their efficacy or safety vetted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), homeopathic remedies have flown under the agency's radar. But they are marketed to alleviate symptoms of certain conditions and diseases on par with pharmaceutical medications.

Can I protect my settlement money from my insurance company?

After a civil suit is settled, it may appear as if everyone and their brother has a hand out for your money. But while denying requests for handouts may become routine, there is one claim that may be quite unexpected — your health care provider.

Hospitals, doctors and other care providers can make claims against patients' settlements to collect on unpaid medical bills. Still, some have gone even farther. But your insurance settlement money could be jeopardized even further.

The Arctic Express arrives: Stay safe on Kentucky's highways

As the nation braces for the Arctic Express to make its swing down into the south, the Kentucky State Police are urging drivers to use extra caution on the roads and interstates.

Below are some tips for motorists who must head out into inclement weather conditions.

How do you find a good doctor?

Finding a good doctor is a little like playing the lottery -- you have to pick a name from a list of approved providers from your insurance company and then find one who's accepting new patients. Then you have to hope that you can actually trust him or her to both know what he or she is doing and put your needs first.

That's a lot to make work all at once. Getting a "new patient" appointment can take a frustrating amount of time. If you end up hating the doctor -- or just not trusting him or her -- you have to start the search all over again.

New saliva test for concussions in kids is pending

Even a fairly minor car accident can leave drivers and passengers with serious injuries, including concussions. When children suffer head injuries, it is particularly worrisome to parents.

But hope may be on the horizon, as this month, JAMA Pediatrics published the results of their research into a new diagnostic tool for concussion treatment. A test using injured children's saliva may prove helpful in diagnosing concussions, as well as offering an idea of how long the symptoms will persist.

Would you recognize a staged car accident?

You're a law-abiding citizen who plays by the rules. Wouldn't it be a nicer world if everybody else did too? But you are sharing your world with many scofflaws who will stoop quite low in order to collect on ill-gotten gains, like those derived from fraudulent insurance scams.

One of the most common examples are staged car accidents. Perpetrators often work in teams, but solo drivers can engineer an accident that they then blame on you and collect from your insurance company.

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