Refer A Case

At Ewing & Willis, a great number of our cases come from referrals from other lawyers. If you're a lawyer, you know that sometimes clients have needs that extend beyond the boundaries of your normal practice. In those cases, partnering with targeted counsel can benefit both your client and your practice.

Why Referrals Make Sense

Maybe you're a criminal defense lawyer with a client facing white collar crime charges and a DUI. You can handle that. But what happens when they get injured in a car accident?

When you enter into a referral relationship with us, we can handle the legal needs of your clients who have needs outside of the normal bounds of what you do. We can enlist expert witnesses and other professionals who can help build a solid case for your client. You still pick up the referral fee, and your client ends up with a favorable result.

Questions? Let's Talk.

If you think you might have a case that could benefit from our counsel, give us a call at 502-694-7420 or send us an email to let us know what's going on. We look forward to exploring the possibility of an ongoing referral relationship.