Warehouse Stores

Warehouse stores are increasingly popular in the United States for their convenience and the discount pricing available. However, customers often are unaware that what they might save in time and money in shopping in a warehouse store is often a loss in safety. Typical warehouse stores have a multitude of hidden dangers that present ample opportunity for customers to be injured. The following are examples of cases we have handled in Kentucky and Indiana involving people injured in warehouse stores:

David K.

David K., a customer shopping in Louisville, Kentucky, at Furrows, a hardware-type warehouse store similar to Lowe's and Home Depot, was injured when exiting the store. As he walked out through the designated "contractors" exit he slipped on ice that had re-formed on the landing and stairs leading down to the parking lot area and fell violently down the stairs. After the fall, the customer was told by a manager that they had salted the ramp earlier, that the salt had melted the ice and snow, but they had not done anything to keep the walkway from re-freezing. Subsequently, it was determined that the customer had suffered a severe injury to his right arm and shoulder and ultimately was diagnosed with a right rotator cuff tear. He required a right rotator cuff surgery and approximately 30 physical therapy sessions afterward.

When Zurich, the insurance company for the warehouse, refused to settle the claim, the lawsuit was filed in Jefferson County, Kentucky. After substantial litigation, including a bankruptcy filing by the warehouse store, the insurance company ultimately settled the claim with the injured customer.

Erica R.

Erica R., a customer at a Lowe's store located in Louisville, Kentucky, was injured while exiting the building after making a purchase. As the young lady attempted to leave, the automatic sliding glass doors were defective, crashing into her arm and shoulder and crushing her shoulder in the process. She was later informed by a managerial employee that Lowe's had been having problems with the sliding doors and that there was a broken sensor in the door. The claim was ultimately settled by the insurance company for the Lowe's warehouse without a lawsuit being filed in Jefferson County, Kentucky.

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