Dog Bites On Private Property

Homeowners also bear responsibility for the actions of animals on their property, especially when the homeowners know that the animal has a history of being dangerous or aggressive. The following is an example of a homeowner negligence case:

Jeff C.

Jeff C., a delivery man, was making deliveries in Floyd Knobs, Indiana. When he approached a house, there was a bull mastiff dog. The delivery man asked if the dog would bite and the owner responded that he would not. As the delivery man approached, the dog bit him on the right hand without any provocation. It was later determined that this dog had been aggressive in the past and had bit another delivery man as well. The delivery man underwent physical therapy for the injury to his right hand, and the claim was denied on three occasions by Grange Insurance prior to the lawsuit being filed. After the lawsuit was filed in Floyd County, Indiana, the claim was settled quickly.

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