Because our office is located close to several casinos, including the Horseshoe Casino, we have had the opportunity to represent many patrons whom were injured by hazardous conditions. It's one thing for a casino to make money at the gaming tables, but it's another for a casino to cause physical injuries to customers in an attempt to cut costs by decreasing safety. The following are cases we have handled related to casino negligence in Kentucky and Indiana:

Sadie S.

Sadie S., a retired Louisville, Kentucky, woman, was injured at a Horseshoe Casino located in Harrison County, Indiana. The injury occurred when an employee of the casino was pushing a large two-layer cart containing money, change and tokens, failed to see the patron, and struck her in the back with the cart. Before contacting an ambulance to pick her up at the casino, she laid on a bench with ice packs for several hours. Upon presenting to the emergency room, she was diagnosed with a lower back injury and was prescribed muscle relaxants and pain medication. In follow-up with her primary care doctor she was instructed to attend pain management. Ultimately, this lawsuit was resolved by Caesar's Risk Management for the Harrison County, Indiana, casino without a lawsuit being filed in Elizabeth, Indiana.

Johnnie B.

Johnnie B., a Louisville, Kentucky, woman, was injured at a casino located in Southern Indiana. The injury occurred while she was in a restaurant and before she returned to the gambling portion of the casino. As she was walking along the buffet, she stepped on a macadamia nut cookie that caused her to slip and violently fall onto the tile floor next to the buffet. When she fell, she struck her head and also her hands and knees. The flooring around the buffet in the restaurant was completely tiled, and there were not any rubber pads, rubber mats or carpeting around this area. The Louisville, Kentucky, woman underwent physical therapy and also pain management. Ultimately, the insurance carrier for the Harrison County, Indiana, casino settled the case without the lawsuit having to be filed in Elizabeth, Indiana.

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