Apartments And Condos

Apartment and condominium owners have potential liability for dangerous conditions that exist on their properties that they are aware of and did not take proper precautions to guard against injury. The following are cases we have handled for people who were injured as a result of apartment or condominium negligence in Kentucky and Indiana:

Anne M.

Anne M., a Louisville, Kentucky, woman who had been employed by a Kroger for over 34 years, suffered a severe injury when she was returning from an out-of-state trip while walking to her own condominium at approximately 11:00 p.m. She slipped and fell on ice that had not been removed or treated and that was covering the walkway in front of the door to her condo. When she slipped and fell forward, she suffered injury to her left wrist, left forearm, right knee and her ribs. Ultimately, she suffered a broken wrist, had to wear a fiberglass cast, and had to undergo physical therapy. The Condo Association had a policy for ground maintenance that included snow and ice removal that was guaranteed to the condo residents. In addition, there was insufficient lighting in the area leading to her condo door that would have allowed her to see and observe the dangerous condition. Ultimately, the case was settled before the case was filed in Jefferson County, Kentucky by State Farm Insurance Company, the insurance company for the condominiums.

Dina T.

Dina T., a Louisville, Kentucky, teenage girl, was injured when the ceiling in her apartment complex crashed onto her head while she was showering. The girl and her family had made complaints to the apartment complex about the condition of the ceiling in the days prior to the ceiling collapse. The apartment complex did not take any steps to fix the ceiling before it crashed in on her. As a result of the crash, she suffered head and neck injuries, and she was diagnosed with a brain injury. The insurance company for the apartment complex was unwilling to make any settlement offer prior to the lawsuit being filed in Jefferson County, Kentucky. After the lawsuit was filed and after many months of litigation, the case was resolved at mediation and before trial occurred.

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