Hip, Leg, Knee, Ankle And Foot Injuries

The lower body is a commonly injured area during a car accident. The impact of the crash forces pressure on the hips and legs due to the brakes being applied, or your knees can slam into the dashboard. A lower body injury can be very threatening and cause permanent injury, especially in the hips.

Representative Hip, Leg, Knee And Ankle Injury Case

The following case summary is an auto accident case resulting in lower body injuries we have personally handled and litigated. It is provided for illustrative and informational purposes only, and is not meant to offer legal advice or take the place of consultation with a qualified attorney with the requisite expertise and experience in these matters. This case is only a sample of the actual cases we have handled. While some cases may be similar, each case involves unique parties and specific facts, and the application of those facts to the controlling law may differ significantly depending upon the circumstances. No results or outcomes can be guaranteed in any case.

Anne M.

A 65-year-old Irish immigrant, Anne M., was injured when she was a passenger in a car returning from a church service in Shepherdsville, Kentucky. The driver of Anne's vehicle failed to observe that traffic had stopped in response to a Louisville Metro EMS ambulance with lights and siren on responding to a call. The driver instead accelerated and switched from the fast lane into the slow lane of traffic, and as a result, crashed into another stopped car.

Anne suffered significant bruising to her chest and legs when the air bag in the car deployed. EMS responders placed Anne in a C-collar and spine board before rushing her to the emergency room at Audubon Hospital. Anne's primary complaints in the emergency room were of right and left shoulder, chest and right knee pain.

In a follow-up with her primary care doctor, diagnostic testing revealed a compression fracture of the spine at T-4 and a spinal neck disk herniation at C2-C3. Lastly, after undergoing six months of physical therapy for her knee, the treating orthopedist decided to proceed with a surgery on the right knee due to a tear of the medial lateral ligament with a tear of the lateral meniscus in her right knee. After undergoing knee surgery, she underwent additional physical therapy and cortisone injections to her right knee. Fortunately, Anne's orthopedist decided that the compression fracture and disk herniation in her neck did not require surgery. Nevertheless, the passenger continued to experience significant impairment in her ability to walk, and she required pain medication which she had never taken before. Anne was unable to continue to work in her position at Kroger where she had been employed for over 20 years.

The at-fault driver in the case was insured through State Farm Insurance Company with a $100,000 liability policy, and Anne also had $100,000 in underinsured motorist benefits that were available to her through her American Commerce Insurance policy. The lawsuit was filed in Jefferson County, Kentucky, and the case settled approximately four months before the trial was to begin with settlements with both State Farm and American Commerce Insurance company.

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