Lori Dant Borland

I am the office manager for the law firm Ewing & Willis. I have worked with partners David Ewing and Damon Willis for over 25 and 16 years, respectively.

My experience in the legal field began when I took a part-time position as a receptionist with the predecessor law firm to Ewing & Willis about 25 years ago. I have had the pleasure of working with a wonderful group of attorneys, secretaries and clerks. I am fluent in every aspect of law firm operations from copying and filing documents with courts to drafting briefs to assisting with trial preparation. I have been entrusted to assist attorneys in hundreds of depositions, mediations and trials.

On a daily basis I work very closely with clients either in person or over the telephone, and throughout my career, I have assisted thousands of people needing legal help. Several years ago, our firm represented an exceptionally kind, elderly gentleman who was shopping for shoes at a local men's clothing store. After making his purchase and attempting to exit the store, he was severely injured when he tripped and fell down tattered, carpeted stairs that had been improperly patched using duct tape. After a year in litigation, a four-day trial in state court and an appeal that spanned a couple years before ultimately being unanimously upheld by the Kentucky Supreme Court, he expressed his sincerest gratitude for our firm and told me that with our help he was now able to take a trip to visit his great-grandchildren. Helping clients overcome steep odds is what makes the job meaningful even after working for so many years in this field.

I am married and blessed to be the mother of two wonderful, very energetic boys who play basketball, baseball, football, soccer and golf. I am what many would refer to as the typical "soccer mom." We live in Jeffersontown, where my boys attend St. Gabriel the Archangel Catholic School, and I am currently the School Board President.