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Do fidget spinners present safety hazards?

If you're the parent of a child from toddler age through the teen years, you are likely familiar with the fidget spinner craze. The colorful gizmos have so many kids enthralled with their rotating motions that many school districts have banned them from classes.

But is that the only down side for this latest toy gadget craze? Definitely not, according to one consumer watchdog group,World Against Toys Causing Harm. Listing them as one of 10 top "summer safety traps," earlier this summer the group published a report to warn parents how dangerous the innocuous devices can be.

Is voice-activated texting any safer?

Texting and driving is dangerous because drivers wind up looking down at their phones and writing when they should be looking at the road.

However, modern phones have voice-activated texting systems. You essentially speak into the phone, it writes out what you say, and then you can send it as a text message. There is some thought that doing so would be safer since you wouldn't have to look down and write your message. You could talk while looking at the road.

Beware of the bounce houses

There's still a lot of summer left for kids to cram as much fun as possible into the long, hot days. It's quite likely that your child will be invited to birthday parties or other festivities where one of the attractions is a "bounce house."

You've seen them at fairs, carnivals and private homes, those brightly-colored inflatable amusements where kids can wear out an afternoon's worth of energy leaping and jumping among friends within the confines of the structure's walls. But what dangers do they actually pose to children?

The chronology of litigation

If you have never been involved in a lawsuit against another person's insurance company, you might have only a vague idea of the chronology of litigation from beginning to resolution.

Civil actions are initiated with a formal complaint that details the plaintiff's allegations against the defendant(s). Complaints are usually -- but not necessarily -- drafted and filed by attorneys.

Slip and fall accidents and nursing homes

There are lot of things that can go wrong in medical facilities, including nursing homes. The residents are often elderly, unstable on their feet and prone to slipping and falling. A qualified nursing home, therefore, would take many precautions with residents to prevent the chances and risks of someone slipping and suffering serious injuries.

However, not all nursing homes are diligent in this regard. Some patients could suffer the consequences of a negligent nursing home that fails to keep its premises safe and free of slipping dangers.

Kentucky Motorcyclists: Always at risk, always trying to be safe

Most people view motorcyclists with a "bad boy" image, but in reality, people from all walks of life fall in love with motorcycles. In the average Louisville motorcycle club, you'll find blue collar workers, white collar professionals, hair stylists, performers -- everything. However, what you will not find in the average motorcycle group is a bad driver.

Every motorcyclist rides at his skill level, to be sure, but you better believe that the vast majority of motorcyclists are exponentially more attentive, more careful and more alert than the average vehicle driver. This is because motorcyclists can't afford to take any additional risks.

Stay safe while cutting the grass on your riding lawn mower

Ah, summer. The sun is high in the sky, the weather is fair and the scent of newly-cut grass wafts on the breeze. This is the prime mowing season, when the famous Kentucky bluegrass seems to grow right before your eyes.

If you are a Louisville homeowner, chances are good that you are all-too-familiar with the chore of mowing the lawn. You do it so frequently, you could almost cut the grass with your riding mower in your sleep.

Enjoy a safe and accident-free 4th of July

Louisville residents are getting ready to celebrate America's 241st birthday next week with parades, picnics and fireworks displays. By necessity, that means many people will be on the roads traveling to their holiday destinations.

All the added traffic makes for a very dangerous period. In fact, according to Geotab, a company involved with GPS vehicle tracking and telematics, July 4th is considered to be the most perilous day of the year to be on the road in the United States.

Nationally-known insurance companies deny clients' claims

Last week, we addressed the many different ways in which insurance companies try to sidestep payouts on legitimate losses and damages incurred by their very own customers.

In many — if not most — cases, these claimants are families and individuals who have faithfully paid their insurance premiums on time and who have never filed any other claims.

Our attorneys fight insurance companies for our clients

When you have suffered damages, injuries or losses that should be indemnified by an insurance company -- yours or an at-fault individual's or entity's -- you don't deserve to be given short shrift.

However, insurance companies are profit-driven business models with bottom lines maintained by paying the least amount of money to the fewest claims possible. It's vital to understand that these companies are actively working against claimants' best interests despite what their representatives may say.

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